Wide plank floors reflect a time when life was simple, when values were true, when there was respect for the land–and its resources.

The unparalleled passion, technical skill set, business ingenuity and down-to-earth values of the Carlisle family, and the teams they trained over a 30+ year period, brought a virtually extinct colonial trade back to the forefront of 21st century industry.

What began in a quiet New Hampshire town as Carlisle Restoration Lumber run by Carol and Dale Carlisle grew, under the leadership of their son Don Carlisle, into the internationally renowned brand Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

After selling the family business, Don felt drawn back to his roots, back to the days when he labored as a young boy alongside his father in the forest, consulted about the distinct facets of each tree species, and crafted traditional wide plank floors by hand in his parents’ workshop. He named this next iteration in Carlisle family wide plank flooring, which he started in 2014, after his youngest son, William Henry.

Today, all of William & Henry’s trusted sawyers and small mill owners, some of whom the Carlisle family has done business with for two generations, approach harvesting newly sawn wood differently than production-line flooring manufacturers, going back to the way it was done when the first American settlers used the entire tree—with no waste.

It is a privilege for the William & Henry team to consult, and bring you exquisite wide plank flooring steeped in the proud Carlisle family tradition of craftsmanship, preservation and reproduction of historic wide plank floors.