Eastern White Pine


  • Widths: 7″ – 20″
  • Lengths: 3′ – 16′
  • Custom milled thickness & edges
  • Solid & Engineered planks available
  • Warm honey tones and subtle red heartwood that deepen with age
  • Shows gently dents & scratches
  • Used in most of the old homes throughout New England
  • Takes stain beautifully for a variety of looks

Design Samples


There is no other word to describe our old growth eastern white pine floors. And we get so excited to share the history of this wood with our customers. These are the floors built in the first homes in America, many which are still in existence with their original wide pine floors! If you want to be reminded when life was about simple pleasures—like gathering around a fireplace to enjoy the day’s events—this is the floor to do it on! It’s the floor that inspired the Carlisle’s family legacy of bringing its unparalleled beauty and awe-inspiring widths and lengths to homes like yours.

It Started with a Home.

One of the first homes in America, in fact, built in Guilford, Connecticut, in 1637 for Henry Whitfield, a Puritan minister who fled religious persecution with his wife and children. Its floors were old growth Eastern White Pine, a species that had been growing for centuries when the first settlers landed. The softer wood of these stately trees were easy to saw into carrier beams, timbers for framing, doors, and yes, long flooring planks over 20” wide.

The Henry Whitfield house still stands, with its original floors intact, holding almost 400 years of history and tradition in every beautiful knot, dent, and natural characteristic.

What story will you tell about your floors?
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