Reclaimed Wide Plank Flooring


  • Widths: 4″ – 12″
  • Lengths: 2′ – 14′
  • Custom milled thickness & edges
  • Solid & Engineered planks available
  • Sourced from reclaimed beams, many over 100 years old

Design Samples


We enjoy telling stories about each of the wood types and with our reclaimed – or “antique” – plank floors we also get to tell the story about the buildings where the wood beams were recovered from. You’ll see signs of each building’s fascinating history in a nail hole, a gentle crack that has stood the test of time, or some staining from the construction bolts.

Each plank represents an interesting chapter in the story of how our country was built. Feel free to embellish when you tell your friends about it!

It Started with the Industrial Revolution.

Mass production in the mid-1800’s required new factories, mills, and warehouses to be built. Southern longleaf heart pine was perfect for the structural beams in these large buildings – tall, straight, and strong – with a natural ability to resist mold and insects. And red and white oak were used for posts, columns, and floor joists.

Many such buildings stand today in New York, Chicago, and Boston. Others are being dismantled and the beams recovered and crafted into wide plank flooring.

What story will you tell about your floors?
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