Heart Pine Wide Plank Flooring


  • Widths: 3″ – 11″
  • Lengths: 3′ – 16′
  • Custom milled thickness & edges
  • Solid & Engineered planks available
  • Extremely hard wood with a tight, pronounced grain
  • Deep red heartwood running through golden yellow tones
  • Indicative of traditional southern style

Design Samples


The deep red tones from the heart of the log against the bright golden color of the outer wood will stop you in your tracks. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself imagining what it must have been like to live a southern plantation home hosting fancy parties or sipping a mint julep on a hot summer day. Keep a seersucker suit and a Derby hat on hand for times such as these! Although this species is in the pine family, the visibly tight grain proves that this wood is as hard as oak. And because the trees grow so tall and straight we are able achieve the longest lengths of any wood type, up to 16 feet.

It Started with a Ship's Mast.

Tall. Straight. Strong. Majestic golden timbers masted tall ships like the Alfred, built in Philadelphia in 1774. Her entrance into the Continental Navy in 1776 marked the beginning of a fighting fleet, helping to win the American Revolution as the colonists fought for their freedom. A century later, heart pine framed the factories that epitomized the Industrial Revolution until steel eclipsed it as the strongest building material in 1849. By then, heart pine was near extinction.

Today, however, these rare trees are cultivated on carefully managed land, where they grow straight, strong, and magnificent—just as they did centuries ago.

What story will you tell about your floors?
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