Exquisite wide plank flooring steeped in the proud Carlisle family tradition of craftsmanship, preservation, and the reproduction of historic wide plank floors.

Wide plank floors reflect a time when life was simple, when values were true, when there was respect for the land and its resources. We approach doing business the same way—building a personal relationship with designers, architects, and builders while sharing our knowledge and passion for the wood.

The William & Henry team takes the time to help you design a floor the reflects the personal design style of each of your clients and how they will live their life on it. Then we carefully craft each board to create a floor that’s not only beautiful, but truly one of a kind.

Floors. Pure and Simple.

different kinds of wide plank hardwoods

Hardwood Flooring

From elegant to rustic. Traditional to timeless. Dramatic to subtle. The options are endless! And the knowledgeable consultants at William & Henry will take the time to help you choose the specie, the lengths and widths, and the type of natural character that you envision for your home or project.

Wide Pine Flooring

It started with Old Growth Eastern White Pine, hand sawn to make wide plank floors for the first homes in America. A softer wood? Yes. Durable? Absolutely. Many wide pine floors are still in existence in homes 400 years later! And from the south, Southern Longleaf Heart Pine trees were hand sawn to create floors rich in grain and color…and as hard as oak. Let’s explore both.

wide plank flooring with sleepy dog resting on couch
antique oak wide plank flooring detial shot

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring, also known as “antique” wood, is made from beams recovered from historic buildings. Mysterious, interesting, unique, and oh so full of character. Every nail hole, crack, original saw mark, and color variation tells a story. The unique nature of these floors will serve as a conversation starter every time someone steps foot on them.

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