Project Description

Flooring Specifications

  • Widths: 4″ – 12″
  • Lengths: 2′ – 12′
  • Custom milled thickness & edges
  • Solid & Engineered planks available
  • Naturally the lightest color hardwood with honey tones
  • Primarily clear with few to no knots
  • Occasional light brown streaks add interesting dimension
  • Beautiful in contemporary settings

Design Samples

A Brief History of Maple

It started with a Strat®. Hendrix. Clapton. Santana. Richards. Almost every rock and roll guitar legend made his name with a Fender Stratocaster®. Each Strat boasts a neck of white maple, known for creating a bright sound in stringed instruments, woodwinds, and drums. In 1950, maple took center stage in a new arena—thanks to a radio repairman with an inventor’s mind.

Rock was still young, but one thing was clear to Leo Fender: It was meant to be loud. Rock guitar required a faster neck and better intonation without feedback. By 1954, Fender had refined his solid-wood body design —and the Stratocaster was born. After that, as the song says, rock and roll was here to stay.

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