Nothing mass-produced can compare with the beauty of something so painstakingly handcrafted.

You may choose to have your custom wide plank floor delivered finely milled, ready to install and finish on site; or hand-finished prior to delivery in our finish mill where design trends from rustic to contemporary are done by hand, one plank, one floor board at a time by William & Henry’s master craftsmen.

These detail-oriented, highly skilled flooring artisans will apply the stain color of your choice to each board, carefully making sure the color is consistent across the entire floor, and then applying a high-resin tung oil or water-based finish. For textured edges and surfaces William & Henry employs the same techniques and types of hand tools as the Early American tradesmen:

  • Hand-scraped edges give a slight definition to the planks, emphasizing the impressive widths and lengths.
  • Hand-scraped surfaces create a sense of being lived on for hundreds of years. Either gentle or dramatic.
  • Brushed surfaces fine lines down the length of the board. When stained and finished, a wood’s natural grain and character are more highly defined.
  • Saw kerf marks left on the surface of the floor planks during the milling process create a rustic look, reminiscent of original wide plank floors. When a stain is applied, the stain will take darker in the kerf marks, adding an aged look.

Once your floor has been impeccably milled and hand finished, we then take extra measures to ensure your custom wide plank floor is delivered in perfect condition. Each order is carefully banded, packed, covered, and protected until it is shipped to your home or building site location. Detailed installation instructions will be provided to you and your builder.

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William & Henry’s meticulous standards – and unsurpassed expertise – ensure each traditional wide plank floor is handcrafted to perfection.
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