Every William & Henry wide plank floor will reflect our intense attention to detail—from the first conversation to the last finishing nail.

To ensure the purity of each tree species remains intact, William & Henry works exclusively with a select number of independently owned sawmills that value quality over volume. These highly experienced individuals take the necessary time to artfully cut each log into lumber, which is essential to preserving – and enhancing – the natural beauty of each board throughout the harvest to installation processes.

This commitment to craft right from the beginning helps facilitate in the overall performance of the wood during the critical drying, and then subsequent grading phases. Once the lumber is brought to William & Henry’s finishing mill it is then carefully inspected, handled and labored over with exacting detail by our master craftsmen and quality control flooring artisans.

Manually handling every plank many times throughout the milling process drastically increases the overall quality. No matter how accurate the straightening machines, how slowly we feed the boards, or how sharp the knives that plane the surfaces smooth as glass, this is the single most important aspect of our process. Which is why when we say we make one William & Henry wide plank floor at a time, we mean it, literally.

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William & Henry’s meticulous standards – and unsurpassed expertise – ensure each traditional wide plank floor is handcrafted to perfection.
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