About Don Carlisle

Don grew up exploring the forest surrounding his parents’ farm in the small town of Stoddard, NH. He learned the value of commitment, hard work and responsibility early in life; caring for the well being of the farm animals and drying, milling and handcrafting the wide plank boards for the family business. After college Don started a popular local restaurant while continuing to help run Carlisle Restoration Lumber. He later changed the name to Carlisle Wide Plank Floors to better reflect the nature of the business, which he purchased from his parents in 1993. By the time Don sold the company in 2007 it had become a highly respected international brand and a major producer. After a brief hiatus, Don started William & Henry in April 2014. He named the company after the youngest of his three beautiful children. When not in the role of entrepreneur, Don can be found outdoors fly fishing, bow hunting, bird hunting, turkey hunting, taking walks in the woods with his children, growing vegetables in the garden, or in the kitchen canning homegrown foods beside his lovely wife.